Wild Lettuce benefits

Wild Lettuce benefits />

Wild Lettuce is a woodland member of the family of Sunflower. It is commonly known by some local names like Bitter Lettuce, Lettuce Opium, Green Endive, Poison Lettuce, German Lactucarium, Lechuga Silvestre and others. It is not a vegetable. Its sap or dried latex was once used as an opium substitute. Wild lettuce sedative effect is attributed to lactucin and lactucopicrin. It also contains mannitol, quercetin, luteolin, coumarins and apigenin.

Benefits of Wild Lettuce:

The seed, leaves and latex of the plant are utilized in making medicines. The herb has relaxing, pain relieving and calming effects. Wild Lettuce Liquid Extract is a nerve tonic and a calmative hypnotic. It helps in inducing drowsiness and also with minor pains and aches.

  • Wild Lettuce is utilized since ancient times as a folk medicine. It is popular for its painkilling properties and recreational benefits. The extract of wild lettuce is very beneficial for the health. Some of its major benefits are:
  • Wild Lettuce Liquid Extract is helpful in relieving pain. The herb excretes a milky white substance called lactucarium which impacts the central nervous system directly and blunts its ability to feel any pain. It is effective in severe migraines and acute pain during menstrual cycle in women.
  • It is also regarded as a herbal treatment for coughs and asthma. The liquid extract helps in reducing irritation of the lungs and bronchial tubes. Bronchitis and whooping cough are also relieved by its use.
  • This liquid extract also acts as a sedative. It relaxes the body and helps in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia, just as the opium does, without upsetting the digestive system. This sedative effect is specifically good for overactive nervous system and hyperactive children.
  • The Wild Lettuce Liquid Extract can also be used as a diuretic as it increases and promotes the urine flow which is helpful in the cases of dropsy and urinary tract infections.
  • It can also alleviate cramps and provides relief in painful monthly periods.
  • Wild lettuce also contains high power antioxidants like aesculin, n-methyl-b-phenethylamine, courmarins, cichoriin and quercetin which are helpful in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and strokes.