African Cherry (Prunus Africana)

African Cherry (Prunus Africana) />

African Cherry (Prunus Africana) is widely distributed in the regions of Africa. It is found 3000 to 10000 ft. above the sea level. It is a secondary forest, light demanding species which require moist climate to grow.

The plant has extrafloral nectaries which in turn for protection to the foliage, provides a nutrient source to the anti-herbivore insects. The fruit is very bitter and does not interest the humans, but it is a favored supply of food for various animals that spread seeds. Timber of the plant is employed in the production of hoe handles, wagons, utensils, axe, furniture, carvings, floors, bridge decks and chopping blocks. The wood is heavy, pink, straight- grained and tough and provides a pungent smell when firstly cut which later turns odorless and mahagony.

Prunus Africana has a long history of conventional medicinal uses. Bark of the tree is used for wound dressing, stomach pain, fevers, arrow poison, malaria, insanity, appetite stimulant, purgative, kidney disease and gonorrhea.

Benefits of African Cherry Pygeum Liquid Extract

  • Prunus Africana is known to have anti- cancer properties. It has the highest concentration of working ingredients which are required in the treatment of prostate cancer and other health related problems.
  • Pygeum is useful in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia of stage 1 and 2, in situations where the diagnosis of prostate cancer appears to be negative. It acts by reducing the DHT levels of the male hormones which are responsible for the prostate enlargement.
  • It contains cyanogenic glycosides which when injested breaks into the digestive tract to release a compound named cyanide. This compound is beneficial in improving digestion, stimulating respiration and promoting health.
  • The extract acts as an anti-inflammatory drug on the enzymes and provides potential effects on sports injuries and painful muscles.
  • Prunus Africana extract is useful in women who suffer from hirsutism, a condition where there is a male pattern and unwanted growth of hair.
  • The African Cherry Pygeum Liquid Extract is a great source of anti oxidants which help to fight the body’s free radicals. It eliminates premenstrual cramps, stomach bloating and relieves huger pain.
  • African cherry helps in improving digestion and is a very good choice for the weight watchers.