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LATIN NAME: Ailanthus Altissima

FAMILY: Simaroubaceae

COMMON NAMES: tree of heaven, ailanthus


BOTANICAL INFORMATION: Ailánthus altísima is a tree in the Simaroubaceae family. The tree grows rapidly, reaching a height of 20-30 m, that's why it was called the Tree of Heaven. Leaves are alternate complex, odd-pinnate, up to 60 cm long. Flowers are same-sexed, in paniculate inflorescences up to 20 cm long. Fruit is a samara. 

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Leaves, bark, roots and wood of Ailanthus Altissima contain the following substances:

  • tannins of various nature
  • alkaloids
  • saponins
  • simarubin lactone
  • coumarin heterozide
  • sterols
  • bitter substances
  • the unique substance aylanntin

TASTE: bitter.


“To have a renewed body, you must be willing to have new perceptions that give rise to new solutions”

Dr. Deepak Chopra

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