LATIN NAME: Terminalia Arjuna

HINDI: Arjun, Kooha


HABITAT: Terminalia Arjuna grows on the Indian subcontinent. Usually, it is found on the banks of deep rivers in the states of Bangladesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and in West Bengal or in their dry channels.


Terminalia Arjuna is a species of evergreen deciduous trees from the genus of large flowering trees Terminalia. The genus includes about 100 different species. The genus Terminalia is a member of the Combretaceae family.

Terminalia Arjuna is an evergreen deciduous tree, which, in addition to the main roots, has lateral - plank-shaped. The tree reaches a height of 20-25 meters. It has a tent-like crown. The leaves are green, oblong, shining on top and brown below. The plant also has remarkable bark - thick, white-pink-gray, secreting milky juice when notched. The flowers of Arjuna are tiny, pale yellow, gathered in panicled inflorescences. The fruits of the tree are fibrous, bare, divided into five wings. The blooming period begins in August-September and fruit ripening season is in November-December.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: The plant has quite a diverse chemical composition. It is rich in triterpene saponins, flavonoids, phytosterols, tannins, gallic and ellagic acids, as well as in coenzyme ubiquinone, vitamins C and E, zinc, magnesium, copper and calcium. Among the triterpene saponins contained in Arjuna there are arjungenin and arjunglycoside, flavonoids are represented by arjunon, arjunolone, luteolin, quercetin and keppferol.


Arjuna balances all three doshas - kapha, pitta and vata.

Terminalia Arjuna tree bark contains coenzyme Q-10.

In Ayurveda, Terminalia Arjuna is better known as Kooha.

The name of the genus Terminalia comes from the Latin word “terminus”, which means “the ending”. The scientists gave the genus this name because its leaves are formed only at the very tip of the shoots.

The specific name Arjuna is associated with the hero of the ancient Indian epos "Mahabharata", a twin of the god Krishna.

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